Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lesson 1: Student Assignment

Some of the below questions are review of Lesson 1: "Early Computer History." Some will require further research to answer.

1. What did Joseph-Marie Jacquard invent?

2. Describe Charles Babbage's Analytical Machine?

3. Why is Ada Lovelace important? What computer language was named in her honor?

4. What is Herman Hollerith famous for?

5. List the characteristics of a Turing Machine.

6. How is the Harvard Architecture different from a von Neumann Architecture?

7. In George Stibitz's Model K computer, what does the "K" stand for?

8. A machine called "ABC" was developed at the University of Iowa. What does ABC stand for?

9. What does ENIAC stand for?

10. Who popularized the word "bug" in the context of computer programs? What kind of bug was noted in her journal?

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